Our Staff

Our staff is qualified through education, training and experience to work with and care for preschool children. Our staff will attend a minimum of one class a year of growth and enrichment education. These classes will benefit your child and the whole teaching staff. All of our teachers have met all California State requirements.

Miss Misty - Owner, Director and Monkey Teacher
When I was four years old I came home from kindergarten the first day of school and told my mother I wanted to be a teacher.  I’ve never really dreamed about being anything else, or if I did, it always involved working with children.  After being a professional babysitter most of my highschool years, I began working at a preschool when I was 18 years old.  I started as an aide, worked my way through junior college, earned my AA in Child Development, went on to become a teacher, and was directing my first program by the time I turned 21.

In 1997, my newlywed Husband and I relocated to Grass Valley.  He started a new job, and I took the opportunity to work as an aide in a kindergarten classroom and to go back to school at Chico State.  The next few years were a whirlwind for us!  We had our first child, I graduated from school with a BA in Liberal Studies, our second child was born, and we moved to Lincoln.

When we moved to Lincoln in 2001, we had two small children who would soon need preschool.  After searching, and probably a little interrogation, I realized that this would be a great place and time to start my own preschool.  In 2004 my lifelong dream of owning my own school became a reality.  I am so thankful and blessed to have a job that I love!  And even after 22 years, not a day goes by that I would change what I do.

Working with children is the most rewarding job a person could ever do.  I am constantly amazed by the incredible growth that 4 year olds make in a year, and am reminded daily the importance and impact of kind words and innocent hearts.  And after all these years,  I believe that the love I’ve received from my students past and present, has made me the luckiest teacher in the whole world.


Our Promise as Educators

As Educators, we will:
  • Greet each child with a smile
  • Hug each child at least once a day
  • Listen to and respect each child
  • Sincerely give each child praise
  • Discipline calmly and fairly
  • Have age appropriate toys available for all children
  • Start each day with Toys picked up
  • Read aloud to the children
  • Serve nutritious, well-balanced meals and snacks
  • Start each day with a clean environment
  • End the day by telling the parent one positive thing that happened to his/her child that day

As the Parent, I will:

  • Tell the school how I feel they are doing
  • Talk to my school about my concerns for my child
  • Support and follow through on appropriate discipline we agreed upon
  • Bring my child appropriately dressed for the weather and the day's activities
  • Pick up my child on time
  • Call my provider when I am going to be late for either arrival or pick up
  • Pick up my child immediately when my child becomes sick
  • Call my school immediately when my child won't be attending
  • Inform my school immediately of any changes in address or telephone number at home or work, or any changes in doctor or medical insurance.
  • Pay my school on time
  • Abide by my school's contract
  • Keep my child clean as to avoid any health issues

Parent / Teacher Discussions

Our doors are always open for parents to visit. Parent-teacher discussions, however, need to be scheduled before or after hours so that the teachers are not distracted from their responsibilities to the children.

We will be scheduling at least 2 parent-teacher conferences for your pre-kindergarten child and one for your pre-school child. These meeting are mandatory, and notice will be given prior to the meetings. These conferences will be October/ November and April/May.

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